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The Season Thus Far

Since I just started this blog up today I have some catching up to do.
Going into this 2007 season I was very excited about both my teams (Tigers and Red Sox), and both have delivered. It’s hard to not win as much as both teams do with the type of pitching that each team has. I think we’ve all seen that you need pitching to win games, just look at the Yankees. Arguably the best 1-9 lineup in the game of baseball, struggling because they don’t have pitching. And then, the rare times that the pitching has come through the offense has come up short. The Tigers so far have escaped the “Sophmore Slump” and the Red Sox have pitched their way to a solid lead a top the AL East. Overall, things have looked good from my end.

This is my first year having season tickets for the Tigers. We have a partial game plan and all my tickets are on the weekends (besides opening day.) The Tigers lost the first 3 games I went to this year and I was starting to get a little worried. Even considered selling my tickets but decided against it. Thanks to a Brandon Inge walk-off home run my last game my record is now 1-3. I was so excited to get this year underway and I couldn’t wait for Opening Day to come around. With the addition of Gary Sheffield it solidifies the middle of the Tigers lineup into in my opinion one of the best 2-3-4-5 combo in baseball with Poli, Sheff, Mags, and Carlos. Although the Tigers dropped opening day it was a great way to start the season. The game went into extra innings and I think, set the table for the rest of the season and made the guys realize that it’s not going to be a walk in the park this year. That every game they have the bullseye on their backs. The starting rotation has been solid for the Tigers and really held them in there until recently when the bats have been coming around. Sheff has yet to heat up to his capability and Poli, Mags, and Carlos are all off to great starts. Looks like we’re in for a good ride this summer. The injury to Zumaya was a low blow but I think everyone will step up and he’ll be back before we realize it. On a side note it’s really great to see Kenny Rogers at the park hanging out with the guys. I don’t think it can be said enough just how much he rubs off on the younger guys.

The start that the Red Sox had/are still having has been, well, I would say unbelieveable but I guess it’s not after looking at their lineup and pitching staff. Curt Schilling has been Curt Schilling. After a really rough opening day performance against the Royals he has bounced back strong and has not lost since. Josh Beckett has been unbeatable for the Red Sox this year. He’s 7-0 going for 8-0 against the Orioles tomorrow afternoon at Fenway. With all the hype around Dice-K and say what you want his numbers. this guy has awesome stuff. Watching him pitch I just feel like his ball has so much movement and that no one should ever touch him. Kind of like AJ Burnett up in Toronto. I always feel like his ball moves more than most when watching him pitch. And the dark horse of the rotation Tim Wakefield has been lightsout. He’s tied for the 4th best E.R.A. in the majors and the best E.R.A. in the AL at 1.79. Plus Tavarez has done his job as the number 5 starter. Not to mention Jonathan Papelbon being one of the if not the best closer in baseball. With just one blown save and 2 runs allowed, both in the blown save, he’s been everything they’ve wanted to be. But perhaps the most surprising thing this year has been the pitching of Hideki Okajima. Before the season people thought he was just coming along for the ride or as a “friend” to Dice K. But little did we know, this guy can really pitched. It looked like it was going to be rough there at first when the first pitch he threw went for a home run opening day, but since then has yet to allow a run in 18.2 innings pitched since then.

As far as today goes:
First off, I have a beef with Blackouts. The Sox game was the FOX game at 1 and since the Tigers were also a FOX game at 4 the Red Sox game was blacked out for me, which was a bummer. I instead had to listen on XM which is a nice change of pace sometimes. Anyway, I was disappointed that Curt Schilling didn’t get the win. Looked like he got tired and worn down his last 2 innings. Lopez came in and stopped the bleeding and ended up picking up the win. Donnelly, Okajima, and Papelbon also pitched neither of them gave up a run. The 14-3 win today put the Sox up 7 games on Baltimore.

The Tigers also won today beating fellow AL Central members the Minnasota Twins. The pitching matchup was Durbin v. Ponson. Chad Durbin pitched really well allowing only 2 runs over 6 innings. C-Mo went 3-4 with a HUGE homerun that he absolutely HAMMERED to the left field seats. Sheff got 2 more hits today. His bat is starting to heat up so look out opposing pitchers. Mags also stayed hot with 2 more hits. The Tigers are in the national spotlight tomorrow night playing Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN, hopefully they will deliver. Bondo is missing the start due to the blister he has on his finger so Virgil Vasquez will make his major league debut. On a side note Andrew Miller pitched Saturday for Erie AA. He went 8 innings allowing just one run and striking out 7. I’d love to see him in the majors soon, but not if it’s rushed.


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