Mother’s Day

First off, Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. I watched baseball all day long with my mom. Can’t ask for much else.
Josh Beckett was on the mound for the Sox today going for his 8th straight win to start off the season. The first inning was a little shaky. An error by Varitek allowed Brian Roberts to score after he walked and Markakis got a hit to move him to second. Roberts was stealing third when Varitek over threw Youk at third. The Orioles ended up getting another run leading 2-0 after the top of the first. Beckett recovered strong and ended up K’ing 7 allowing only 2 hits over 4 innings before having to leave the game due to a cut on his middle finger. Listening to his post game press conference sounded like he thought his next start was doubtful. I’d rather him get healthy in May instead of trying to pitch through it and making it worse. The Red Sox didn’t get on the board until the bottom of the 9th. Up until the 9th it looked like the guys were just going through the motions. I was disappointed with the effort up until the 9th. The Sox scored 6 to win the game in walk off fashion. Very exciting last inning. I love seeing grown men jump around like little boys.

The Tigers game is about to start here in about 45 minutes. Hope the guys come out strong for the national broadcast tonight. Not sure what to expect from Vasquez tonight but I know I always love watching people make their Major League debut. I’m sure I’ll have butterflies for him. Hopefully he’ll put in a quality start and just give the offense a chance to win. Go Tigers:)

p.s. Lots of new pictures in the photo albums:)



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