First Post, How Exciting.

Well, first off, I suppose I’ll introduce myself. My name is Sara. I’m a huge baseball fan, and have been for quite some time. Lifelong Tigers fan and first time season ticket holder this year. Also a huge Red Sox fan. I am, however, not a bandwagon fan. More importantly I am a huge fan of the sport. I’ve been following baseball ever since I can remember. I remember growing up as a little kid going to Tiger Stadium. I have two distinct Tiger Stadium memories. First, I remember having to sit behind HUGE poles in the upper deck somewhere and watching the game on the TV’s. And, I also remember, being at the Stadium when Cecil Fielder stole one of his two carrer bases which at the time I didn’t think was cool, but looking back I realize it’s pretty cool (my dad tells that story alot.) Anyway enough about old memories, more about this blog. I’m not really sure how much I’ll write in it, or what I’ll write in it for that matter. I know I’ll probably posts lots of pictures of ballparks I’ve been to or players I’ve met or just baseball pictures I’ve taken in general. I’m a bit of a picture taking junkie. Well I suppose I’ll talk about what’s happened in the season so far, and then hopefully try to update this as much as possible.




    Hey, Sara, welcome to the MLBlogosphere! I saw you mentioned it on your comment on Alyssa’s blog. Trying to keep up with everyone as this community is growing faster than ever lately. We’ll get you added to the Rookies list and to the MLBlogs Active Roster on Come by the community blog anytime and feel free to leave your URL with any notification of new posts/pics. Comerica is my favorite park, love the open air and being able to walk around and watch it from anywhere…people can even see the games from outside the gates! I did a couple of Tiger postseason blogs at:

    Have lots of fun blogging here!



    Hi sara,
    how are you not a bandwagon fan? You sound like one because you say you are a huge red sox fan, but you’re really a tigers fan. I’m not trying to be mean. Just trying to help.


    I.M. Forme

    ps. it’s “distinct,” not “destinct”

    Good Luck!

  3. Sara

    Hey ‘’ my bad on the typo it was 4 in the morning so maybe that had something to do with it.

    And as far as being or not being a bandwagon fan…The reason I say I’m not, is because a bandwagon fan to me is someone who 1. Doesn’t know much about the sport 2. Stops caring once the team doesn’t make the playoffs and 3. Doesn’t follow the team day in and day out.

    I watch the Sox everyday have loved them since probably 2001 which is when I really got into baseball in the first place.

    Anyway Thanks for the feedback and thanks for reading. Hope you come back:)

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